Hubbard Dormitory

Hubbard Dormitory

State Teachers and Agricultural College/Hubbard Training School

Founded in 1902 by William M. Hubbard, STAC was one of the state’s official schools for the instruction of black teachers between 1931 and 1938. Originally named the Forsyth Normal and Industrial School, STAC was one of the three black public colleges added to the University System of Georgia in 1932. Teachers from rural county school systems came to STAC to earn their teaching certificates. After closing in 1939, the school re-opened later that year as the Hubbard Training School, Monroe County’s first black high school. New construction on this campus, begun in 1955, housed the Hubbard Elementary and High School and, in 1970, the Hubbard Elementary School.

Erected by the Georgia Historical Society and the Hubbard Alumni Association.

The Monroe County Board of Commissioners has purchased the Hubbard Dormitory to house government agencies and the Hubbard Museum.

The National Historic Dormitory is on the National Historical register and will continue to honor the following:

    1. Our $1000.00 window donors who sought to restore this stately building by affixing a plaque on a dormitory window. To purchase windows, contact Lillian Davis (478-992-9652) or any Alumni.

    2. Our Hubbard legacy by retaining the Hubbards' name, and

    3. Our Hubbard artifacts by establishing and housing a Hubbard Museum.

Our sincere appreciation is extended to the Monroe County School Board of Education and the Monroe County Commissioners for working in a collaborative effort to place our National Historic Hubbard Dormitory and the State Teachers' Cottage under the Monroe County Government domain, Department of Corrections for their restorative efforts by allowing the inmates to use their various skills in preparing the dormitory in previous months, and we anticipate their future work as well.

Saving African-American history in our country is to be applauded.


Monroe County’s RDF award package for building rehabilitation of the old historic Hubbard Dormitory for Women has been approved. 
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