Mr. Leon Goodrum
CEO of Goodrum Enterprises, Inc.
Atlanta, GA
404-758-4125, Ext. 223
Leon Goodrum Foundation

My vision is to improve the future of our students who are carrying "C's" and "D's" in school or who graduated with these grades. Our "A" and "B" students are positioned to receive the needed support to become successful and productive citizens. I want to help the "C" and "D" students to become successful and productive citizens, as well.

I feel that we can assist them to enter into a junior college or vocational technical school as a Central Georgia Technical College to gain the necessary job skills. These students possibly could move into a four-year college with the right support.

My vision is doable and I will work to bring this vision to fruition. Of course, I will need the support of many to make it happen.

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